1win Responsible gaming

Rules and terms for fair play at the 1win bookmaker. Recommendations for Indian players.

We pay much attention to problems which may arise in the outcome of addiction to the gambling, hence responsible gaming is an important part of the policy to service the clients of our Company. Protecting the players from any excessive aptitude for gambling and not allowing any minors to participate in gambling is our direct duty.

It is our intention for our service to perfectly fit for amusing leisure and to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Unfortunately, gambling may become a problem for some players, being a spectacular hobby.

We do everything for our Clients to enjoy the safe and spectacular game, not losing control, as well as completely support and uphold the internationally accepted responsible gaming policy.

Keeping of control

Gambling and betting are a good way to spend some leisure time, just an amusement. The main purpose of gambling is to find some like-minded persons amongst the other participants of betting and to enjoy the game of the favorite team. However, you must keep in mind that caution must be exercised while watching the matches, participating in gambling, and enjoying your leisure time.

Every betting participant should always keep in mind:

  • gambling is not a way to earn money, you must never lose common sense, it is just a way of leisure time;
  • there is always a chance to win next time, so if you lose you should not immediately try to win back;
  • you must only commence the game provided that you will only spend the available amount of time;
  • always pay attention to the amount of money and time you spent on the game.

Prevention of the gaming addiction

There is a small part of players who suffer from gaming addiction amongst the majority of people for whom gambling is just an amusing way of leisure. Only an insignificant part of adults face the problem called gaming addiction, as demonstrate the outcomes of the most recent researches. However, our Company suggests that the betting participants should always remember certain rules and pays much attention to educating players, in particular:

  • that there are no «formulas» and «systems» which would guarantee the winning and gambling is based on the probability law;
  • that the desire to play must come only from yourself;
  • that gambling is not a way to get reach fast or to pay debts but just an amusement;
  • that you should always keep in mind the amount of money you spend on the game;
  • that when you play, you must always know the game’s rules.

It is difficult to make a difference between a sick addiction and a healthy game passion. However, there certain signs indicating that the betting participants are having problems.

Please, answer the following 10 questions. The probability is high that you already have a gaming addiction, if the answer on at least 5 of them is affirmative.

  • Do you take gambling seriously?
  • Do you borrow money to place bets?
  • Is your betting budget regularly increasing?
  • Do you often play more than you planned?
  • Do regular visits to the betting office negatively influence your reputation?
  • Do you place bets in order to escape problems?
  • Do you experience disappointment or irritation when you are not able to take part in betting?
  • Do you often feel the need to win back?
  • Did you try to control time spent in the gambling venue, and the amount of betting, but in vain?
  • Are you ashamed to tell your relatives about your passion for betting?

Pieces of Advice to control the gambling

The time you will spend for the game in the betting office should be defined for yourself in advance;

Define the maximum amount which you are ready to lose and avoid exceeding it;

Never borrow the money for placing bets;

Try to get a new past time and combine it with betting;

If you are depressed or distempered, never visit any gambling venues in a bad mood.

Self-exclusion from the game

Please contact our Customer Support, should you wish to close your 1win account. There will be the option for you to reopen your account in the majority of cases. However, we shall honour your request for permanent closure in all circumstances and reopening will not be permitted.