Bonus on an express

The point of this bonus is you can receive a bonus percentage depending on whether you get an express with 5 or more events or not, and it’s determined by the winning amount.

The more events you get, the higher your percent will be. For example, the coefficient of a given express for 7 events equals 12.1. If you have a rate of 150000 INR, then your profit will be 1,815,000 INR AND a 9% bonus. The final amount you will receive is 150000 INR +1,815,000 INR+ 163350 INR (9% of the bonus amount)=2,127,520 INR.

Events numberPercent of bonus
5 events7%
6 events8%
7 events 9%
8 events10%
9 events11%
10 events12%
11+ events15%